What To Expect When Hiring A Realtor

When buying or selling a house, there are usually a few regulations that should be followed in order for the sale to go through without difficulty. These rules are continually changing to adapt to the marketplace. The truth is, attempting to sell or buy property on your own can be fraught with stress, as there’s almost no way to fully understand everything you need to know; especially first time buyers.

That is one of the reasons why you should always consider working with a realtor. We understand the rules and regulations and our goal is to help you navigate the real estate transaction maze. We are professionals, we have a fiduciary responsibility to you and will help make your experience as simple and efficient as possible.

Understanding Real Estate Laws & Regulations

If you were being sued by a neighbor, would you speak to a lawyer, or would you risk battling it alone in court? Hiring a realtor isn’t much different. We are familiar with just about all of the rules and regulations that govern the transaction. Since Georgia is a Caveat Emptor state (Buyer Beware), it is incumbent on the buyer to dot all i’s and cross all t’s to protect yourself in a purchase. That is why an agent is an asset. We are required to continually stay current as regulations change.

Knowing Your Local Area

Of course a diligent realtor knows (or will align with another agent who knows) your town and the local area intimately. We know where the very best schools are located, the quietest section of town, or perhaps even where the nightlife is alive and jumping.  A great agent will gather loads of information to help you find your ideal location. Not only that, he or she will provide you with comparative market analysis, whether you are buying or selling, to help you make the right financial decision.

When it comes to deciding on the listing price, a reliable realtor will carefully guide you to a number that is a win-win for all parties, providing you with tips and strategies that will lead to a faster sale of your home.  Many a seller has anxiously waited months for the house to sell, because of over pricing, not realizing that over-pricing only sells the competition while you wait.

Understanding The Market

A shrewd realtor will understand the intimate facets of your market and be able to give you more information that will assist you to proceed at a faster pace.

There are additional skills that an astute real estate agent may possess. It is said that your agent is like a duck swimming in a pond; even though the surface appears smooth, the duck’s feet are moving at a feverish pace below the surface. Know that your agent is networking, negotiating, completing that mound of paperwork which you will undoubtedly encounter and keeping your transaction on track.  Therefore, when selling or buying a piece of property, a good realtor can really be a valuable asset.